How to protect your assets for charitable beneficiaries

Individuals with significant net worth and charitable goals should consider an asset protection strategy to ensure that their charitable goals will be met. Our contingency fee legal system makes it relatively easy for a lawsuit – justifiable or not – to be brought against a “high value target”. Therefore prudent planning dictates asset protection to be certain that charitable and other dispositions will be made as desired.

Cook Islands News covers attorneys visit to the country

Attorneys Patricia Donlevy-Rosen & Howard Rosen often receive media attention in the US as a result of their prominence in the field of offshore asset protection planning. However, their recent trip to the Cook Islands (where they consulted with officials on new legislation) was covered in detail by the Cook Islands News – a first for the attorneys!

Amendment 8 – How to Protect Yourself

Amendment 8 prohibits a physician who has been “found to have committed three or more incidents of medical malpractice from being licensed to practice medicine in Florida” (emphasis supplied). How do you protect yourself from that Draconian rule? You implement a comprehensive asset protection strategy.