Amendment 8 – How to Protect Yourself

Amendment 8 prohibits a physician who has been “found to have committed three or more incidents of medical malpractice from being licensed to practice medicine in Florida” (emphasis supplied). How do you protect yourself from that Draconian rule? You implement a comprehensive asset protection strategy.

Offshore Trusts Safest Way To Protect Fixed Assets

Because the US court system often is unpredictable, the key to truly effective asset protection is to remove the ability to reach the assets. If an offshore trust has been properly structured and implemented, and is holding cash and marketable securities offshore, it will be impossible for any creditor to reach those assets.

Offshore Trusts can Create Legal Obstacle Course for Claimants

Consider the thought processes of your claimant’s attorney contemplating an action to recover assets from a trust in a foreign country. He knows nothing of the country’s geography, laws, procedures, costs, or even its currency. These factors become immediate hurdles in a legal obstacle course upon which he is about to embark.