Poorhouse Prevention

Litigation in our society is a popular tool for the accumulation of wealth – by plaintiffs and their attorneys, who often take cases on a contingency basis. Attorneys handle lawsuits if there is any basis for a claim, and, most importantly, if there is a source of funds from which they will be paid. Asset protection planning makes the source of such funds minimal at best. If you think you do not need to secure your wealth, ask yourself: Am I absolutely certain that I will never be sued? And, if by some chance I am sued, that I will be fairly treated by our justice system? Most will answer “No!”, and wonder what they can do. Asset protection planning is the answer.

Offshore Trusts can Create Legal Obstacle Course for Claimants

Consider the thought processes of your claimant’s attorney contemplating an action to recover assets from a trust in a foreign country. He knows nothing of the country’s geography, laws, procedures, costs, or even its currency. These factors become immediate hurdles in a legal obstacle course upon which he is about to embark.

Asset Protection and Retention Control: Is Peaceful Co-Existence Possible?

Traditional thinking has held that protecting your assets from future creditors while continuing to control and enjoy the income from those assets are mutually exclusive goals. In his article, attorney Howard Rosen explains how the combined use of established business and estate planning techniques can permit both to be realized.